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It’s completely free to join CanCompare!

CanCompare’s screening process can take up to 5 business days to complete. If your moving company passes our screening process, we will contact you and get you started with quality moving leads.

Regrettably, not, but you only pay for the leads that you receive. However, providing the best quote increases your chances of landing the job. Furthermore, the sooner you contact a potential customer, the greater the chance that you will win their business.

Our customers are matched with up to three moving companies that are a good fit for their specific needs.

Rather than wasting time or money looking for leads, our system is in real-time. You get your lead as soon as it enters our system. These leads are live, new leads. Not resold or delayed.

We have a very strong in-house marketing team that ensures that all lead generation areas are covered and that only the highest-quality leads are generated on a consistent basis.